Quentin Hocdé
Creative Developer

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Hi, I'm Quentin Hocdé, a french creative developer

I’m graduated from Gobelins, the school of Image in France and worked at La société secrète as creative developer.

In september, I'll be in Montreal for a new Chapter of my life.

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Contact me at : quentinhocde@gmail.com

Check my lab


AngularJS - MongoDB - HTML5 - LESS

A side project made with love with : Nicolas Daniel, Maxime Levetti & Raphael Améaume
See on Product Hunt


HTML5 - LESS - JS - Wordpress

Homemade developement with La Société Secrète.
Featured on CSS Awards

Back to the Movie

Node JS - Cordova - HTML5 - CSS3

An interactive website controlled by a mobile app to discover the backside of Back to the Future